Solar Energy Laws in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA; California Solar Rights & Solar Shade Act

The west coast, and especially the state of California, produces more solar energy than the rest of the United States. Therefore, many wonder what the laws and regulations for solar energy are. In the state of California we have the Solar Rights Act and Solar Shade Act which allows residential property to use solar energy. Future Vision Remodeling will explain solar rights in California and why everyone should consider using solar power for their homes.

California Solar Rights Act & Solar Shade Act

As stated, the common question asked for those who are investigating solar energy is what are the laws and regulation of solar energy. Another common question is “if I live in an HOA community, can I get solar or can neighbors block my solar access from the sun by shading it?” And, “Is solar use limited?” These are some of the many questions when considering the installation of solar energy. The state of California protects a homeowner’s rights to solar energy with laws that have been in place for over 30 years. Those who live in HOA communities should learn about the Solar Rights Act as well as the Solar Shade Act. This information will help when you want to invest in solar energy for your home.

Solar Rights Act

The Solar Rights Act was first established in 1978. Its purpose was to create a legal framework for the use of solar energy. This law gives protections to those who want to access the sunlight and help to prevent the shading of solar panels. This law also limits HOA’s and local government entities from preventing the use of solar energy or solar systems. The Solar Rights Act is in place to promote and even encourage the use of solar energy in the attempt to spread the use solar energy throughout the state. The Solar Rights Act is over 30 years old and this policy is still in full affect today. The Solar Rights Act helps support and protect in many ways:
• Balances the use or need of individual solar energy system companies or owner with the property or homeowner by creating solar access rights.
• This Act also limits HOA or other governmental agencies the condition, covenants, or restrictions, and enforces the homeowner’s right to solar energy.
• This Act also makes it legal for solar easements and requires local government agencies to maintain passive heating and cooling opportunities for new development and projects.

Solar Shade Act

The Solar Shade Act was established at the same time as the Solar Right Act in 1978. The Solar Shade Act was intended to protect the homeowner’s solar system from being covered by shade. Trees, shrubs, or any other obstruction can be removed if they are blocking the solar panels access to the sun. This law protects existing solar systems. Keep in mind, trees or other obstructions cannot be removed in order to install a solar system. If you want a solar system installed, you will need to work with the existing property’s features.

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