Custom Freestanding Mop & Broom Closet & Storage Cabinet Design Ideas in Beverly Hills, CA

Let face it, no matter the size or scope of your home, you need cleaning supplies and equipment to ensure it is sparkling clean and well taken care of especially during the holiday season when friends and family gather for entertainment and good cheer. The problem with storing cleaning supplies is that they are often awkward when it comes to size so it’s only natural for them to end up stashed in a space that ends up looking like a hodge podge of disorganized clutter. If this scenario sounds familiar don’t despair, there are custom broom closet storage solutions that will fit every home and budget. From dedicated closet room additions, to custom cabinetry, the knowledgeable design experts at Future Vision Remodeling are available to design a storage solution for your home.

Custom Mop & Broom Closet Storage Solutions for Your Home

If you have a space that is dedicated to your cleaning supplies and other cleaning equipment, consider adding custom designed shelving and racks to hang mops and brooms. Other storage solutions include a custom designed freestanding cabinet that will blend in discreetly with your existing kitchen cabinetry. When it comes to broom closets and storage there are a number of elegant ways to create a space for cleaning supplies and accessories that can seamlessly complement the overall design of your home regardless of size.

Narrow Kitchen Broom Closet Designs with Custom Dimensions to Suit Your Needs

When you consider that the majority of cleaning happens in the kitchen area, one great storage solution is to install a closet cabinet into the overall design of your kitchen. The beauty of closet cabinetry is that your guests won’t even realize it is there. You can comfortably store your brooms, cleaning supplies, dustpans and buckets by dedicating cabinet space for this purpose. By customizing the size of the cabinet to your requirements you will also be ensuring that you have ample space to take care of your cleaning needs. On the other hand if you are looking for storage solutions for a smaller sized kitchen that can optimize every inch of available space, consider a pullout/slide out designed cabinet. These petite sized cabinets slide out to give you ample space to hang mops, brooms, dusters and other items. The depth and width can be customized to the size of available space within your kitchen.

Large Free Standing Mop & Broom Storage Cabinet

If you have an abundance of cleaning supplies, consider dedicating a larger sized custom cabinet to hold your cleaning items. Imagine your broom closet the way you would your pantry. Depending on the space, you could have one or two doors with separate shelves, drawers, and hooks and even a place to store your vacuum cleaner.
Instead of storing your cleaning supplies in a dedicated area of your kitchen consider other areas of your home such as your laundry room. You can add a custom cabinet/broom closet area or remodel the entire room to incorporate additional space that is both functional and visually appealing.

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