Attic Remodel, Renovation & Conversion

Future Vision Remodeling of Los Angeles, California is completely licensed and insured to provide residential homeowners with remodeling and renovation services. Since 2003, we have been building a positive reputation by consistently delivering quality workmanship, friendly customer service, and customer satisfaction. Using high-end products, materials, and equipment exclusive to licensed professionals and having the elite artisans and specialist on our team, Future Vision Remodeling can ensure maximum results.

We Make an Attic into a Finished Bedroom or Other Room

Future Vision Remodeling includes attic remodeling services to residential homes in the Greater Los Angeles, California area. Converting an unfinished attic into a living space suitable for the male bonding or kids activities is easily accomplished with Future Vision Remodeling of Los Angeles, California. After a full consultation to get your custom attic remodeling underway, we will have pinpointed all the details and answered all your questions from prep work, to the project, cost, and all other pertinent details. We work closely with you every step of the way and keep you informed on our progress as we stay on schedule and within budget.

Attic Transformation Process

Future Vision Remodeling general attic remodeling process for your Los, Angeles includes, but is not limited to, the following:
Construction: Before the construction begins, our experts will undergo a comprehensive inspection to ensure your home is structurally sound to handle the depth of the attic renovations you wish. A-shaped rafters, which features open space under the rafters, is an ideal candidate for remodeling, however, homes featuring W-shaped trusses might benefit more from increasing the home’s suitable square footage with our additional services.
Headroom: Coding requires that in at least 50% of the space of living areas, the height reaches a minimum of 7 ½ feet high. To ensure it meets the coding standards, our experts will measure the space of the headroom.
Light & Access: If not already present, the attic will require windows or skylights, as many building codes require such openings for fire safety purposes for specific rooms.
Dormers: To boost the usable space in that area and these small additions can raise the roof over a portion of your attic.
Temperature: Most unfinished are not equipped with heating and cooling needs, and we can assess your attic to determine what needs to be done for you to control the heating and air-conditioning in that space.
Plumbing: If you wish to include a bathroom, we’ll need to inspect and optimize the necessities best location for the facility. In most cases, it is ideal to install a new bathroom over an existing bathroom on the floor below to reduce costs associated with its installation.
Floor Framing: To support the heavier loads any existing floor framing done with 2x4s will need to be reinforced.

Designing & Building Outdoor Living Spaces in Tarzana, Calabasas & Greater Los Angeles, California

No matter what you have in mind for your finished attic in Los Angeles, California, Future Vision Remodeling has the resources, man power, and skills to get it your project completed to your satisfactory. Call Future Vision Remodeling today to schedule your consultation regarding your attic remodeling project.

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