Aging in Place Remodeling & Home Design Modifications

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Aging in Place Home Modification Ideas

Future Vision Remodeling includes aging in place renovation options for the residents of Los Angeles, California. This service is ideal for seniors who want to retain their independence, living in the comforts of their home but due to physical limitations, need to have adjustments made. When considering an aging in place renovation, in most cases, it is more cost effective than opting for assisted living. Such remodeling projects include: grab bar installation, lever-style doorknob installation, doorway widening, countertop adjustments, wheelchair ramp installation, chair lift or elevator installation, and slip-resistant floor remodeling.
Chair Lift or Elevator: Installing a chair lift that attaches directly to stairs or even installing an elevator for seniors to move between floors has its advantages when it comes to multi-level homes. Having a safe alternative for the impaired avoid stairs can avert potential falls that can have critical outcomes.
Countertop Adjustments: Those confined to a wheelchair or similar motorized aid, a person can comfortably prepare food around 30” high countertops, however, generally, countertops are installed at 34” high from off the floor, proving meal preparation difficult. By adjusting the countertops and installing cabinets to allow those sitting in wheelchair accessibility, while still keeping their independence.
Doorknob Lever-Style: For seniors with arthritis and other conditions that limit the motion in wrists and hands, the twisting motions on traditional residential doorknobs can become more and more challenging. Lever-style doorknobs are easier to grip and operate; Future Vision Remodeling, Inc can quickly install these doorknobs for convenience.
Doorway Widening: Wheelchairs, mobility devices, and some types of walkers are not compatible with narrow doorways that measure under 32” wide. In order to widen the doorway, Future Vision Remodeling, Inc will need to replace the doorway frame, drywall, and paint as well as potentially re-wiring electrical light switches and so on.
Grab Bars: Grab bars are durable bars that are often installed in the bathroom to assist in preventing falls on the slippery surface of bathtubs and/or showers. Additionally, grab bars can also be installed close to a sink or toilet for additional aid.
Slip-resistant Flooring: To offer more traction as opposed to hard stone floors, linoleum or vinyl flooring is the best choices and they are also a much softer surface should a fall take place. Other options include bamboo or cork flooring choices for safer selection. If remodeling the flooring is out of the budget, consider repairing any uneven tile or bubbling hardwood floors that can minimize the risk of falling.
Wheelchair Ramp: No matter if you have just a few steps leading up to porches, within the home or have a stair case in the home, a wheelchair ramp can be more helpful even with walkers and other mobility devices.

Aging in Place Bathroom Remodeling & More in Tarzana, Calabasas & Greater Los Angeles, California

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