Mudrooms with Laundry Layout Design Plan Ideas in Tarzana, CA; Locker Style with Bench & More

Investing some space into a mudroom can significantly reduce the mud and dirt from tracking into the rest of your home. Keep in mind organization, additional storage space, and you can easily contain much of the mess. When it comes to your home improvement goals, you want to incorporate daily living as conveniently as possible to allow yourself more free time. A mudroom can help in so many ways accomplish that goal.

Adding a Mudroom Addition

Mudrooms are ideal for families that are constantly on the go. The best place to set one up is either at the backyard door entrance or even at the garage door entrance if that is more convenient; remember convenience is important. You want the space to be able to easily maintain jackets, shoes, backpacks and even sporty equipment. We believe a mudroom should be a staple in every home and the trend is catching on in an effort to keep homes neat, tidy, and organized. At this time, we at Future Vision Remodeling would like to take the opportunity to discuss the mudroom remodel.

Locker Style Mudroom with Bench

When it comes to the mudroom renovation, a lot of families opt for the locker-style motif. Each family member has their locker, or cabinet, whichever your preference may be, and incorporate accommodations for shoes in their variety (flip-flops, sneakers, boots, cleats or other sporting foot gear, etc), an umbrella stand, coat hooks, a mirror for good measure, and other such luxurious to keep the convenience aspect of your mudroom. Install floors that are stylish yet are easy to clean and maintain as well as resistant to moisture. With many options of tile or even polished concrete floors, you can still include optimal design with function.

Drop Zone Organization Ideas

The first thing that most people do when they get home is unload the weight they are carrying; keys, sunglasses, bags, beverages, dog leash and so forth. Equip your mudroom with a drop zone that includes a small table or chest along with some shelving or even a basket drop for mail to keep the mudroom functional yet organized.

Mudroom/Laundry Utility Room Ideas

Just remember when finding the most optimal space for your mudroom is as close to the laundry room, if not the laundry room itself, is best. It’s a great time saver to have them together in a utility room if you can afford the space. The dirty shoes, sporting equipment, and trail of belongings can be contained, avoiding the filthy spread around your house with your mudroom. In addition to offering more convenience to the humans, many homeowners have extended the mudroom to pets by installing a pet washing station where you can easily wash and dry your pooch to avoid the muddy paw prints throughout your home. Not only great for the pup but the tiled mini-shower and handheld shower head are great for washing off muddy kids too.

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When it comes to remodeling your home for the needs of a mudroom, contact the experts of Future Vision Remodeling and let our experts get started!

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