Functional Kitchen Work Triangle Remodel Floor Plan Layout Design Ideas in Calabasas, CA

When you decide to remodel your kitchen it’s important to make sure it’s as functional as possible to ensure it works efficiently, no matter the size. Your kitchen tends to be a gathering spot so you want it to work. You can spend a lot of money on all the latest kitchen designs but if it’s not functional then it’s a waste of money. Remodeling your kitchen can be the answer to making a kitchen that wasn’t designed very well to become a functional one.

Functional Kitchen Organization

1. Kitchen Work Triangle Layouts. To create the most efficient workflow in your kitchen you need to make sure that the person cooking has easy access to the refrigerator, sink and stove. This is called the work triangle. Design the kitchen so you have a clear path that is free of clutter between these items. Depending on your kitchen this might include adding an island.
2. Kitchen Seating Areas. If you have too many people in the kitchen it can block functions that are important. It’s smart to place seating away from the work area. This way, you can be sure that no one will get in the way while you’re cooking. Stool seats with countertops work great, just be sure to place it at the other side of where you’ll be cooking to keep people gathering away from the work triangle.
3. Declutter Kitchen Prep Counters. Include an organizational system when you remodel your kitchen. This will ensure that prep areas will stay uncluttered and make your kitchen more functional.
4. Kitchen Lighting. Proper lighting is a must in a functional kitchen. Any areas where food prep will be done needs the right lighting. Consider undercabinet lighting. This addition looks stylish and will add just a minimal cost to the kitchen remodel.
5. Kitchen Appliances. Don’t spend money to remodel your kitchen and keep appliances that aren’t working properly. This just makes the kitchen less efficient. Make the investment in your kitchen and purchase new appliances. Technology has come a long way and there are now refrigerator models for example with transparent doors and light up inside when knocked on for example as well as apps that allow you to see inside your fridge remotely such as when you are at the grocery store and wondering if you need milk!
6. Mount the Microwave. The microwave is the one appliance that takes up most the most space on your countertop so the best thing to do is to mount it. Most times this is done over the stove but you can have a custom shelf built to place it elsewhere.
7. High Tech Kitchen Equipment. With technology always changing, there are many tools available to help you design a functional kitchen. There are additions you can make to hold your phone or tablet under the cabinets. This keeps them away from any food prep and cooking and helps reduce clutter.

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