Paint Color Chart in Los Angeles, CA; How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Home Interior

One of the most efficient ways to create change in a home or business is to paint the interior. It is cost effective and leaves satisfying results. Where some may have artistic creativity and the gumption to paint the ceilings and walls whatever color suits their fancy, others may be looking for a guideline to follow. We at Future Vision Remodeling have compiled a painting guideline for those looking for a little direction when it comes to painting the interior of your home.

Best Paint Colors for Bedroom, Study & Other Rooms

Best Paint Color for Small Bathroom: Generally, light colors are optimal for a number of reasons. For one, the light tones conceal the moisture buildup and with a glossy paint, it is barely recognized. Be sure to use a mildew-resistant paint. Additionally, bathrooms are typically small; utilizing a light color will enhance the spacious feeling.
How to Make a Dark Room Look Brighter: Rooms that don’t get much natural sunlight have a tendency to be dark. The best way to add brightness is the utilization of yellow. Whether you opt for pale shades of yellow if you want the subtle brightness, or bright yellow for the more confident color schemes, yellow can increase the brightness of dark rooms. However, if yellow isn’t your shade, traditionally, light colors are ideal.
White Trim Color: White is a classic choice, it fits with any modern style and any color scheme and it has a variety of shades. Undertones are really what make the shade of white, consider that as well. With bright whites, creamy whites, and off-whites for example, you can easily find the most appealing option that correlates with the primary color of any room.
Rules for Paining Ceilings: Traditionally speaking, white is a popular favorite, but there is no rule saying ceilings need to be white. Where it is a matter of preference, you can easily use the ceiling as the accent or even as mural for the artist; the ceiling can be as versatile as you want.

Cool Paint Color Psychology

Cool tones are primarily used to induce calm feelings; soft cool colors can create your own oasis, where the dark cool colors are bold. Light and dark cool colors exceptionally complement the warmth of most wood tones on trim.
Blue – If the calming peacefulness of the water is what allures you but you are landlocked, bring a taste of the water to you with the various shades.
Green – For those that love the outdoor meadows and woods, greens can bring that feeling inside. Combining the warm and cool undertones create an inviting atmosphere as it blends in easily with both modern and traditional designs.
Purple – Lavender has been a growing trend, especially paired with pale yellows to bring the feeling of a relaxing garden in your home. Lavender is also incredible with the varying shades of gray.

Warm Colors that Affect Mood

Warmth is a very welcoming color; whether they are rich colors of autumn, playful bright colors, or soft pastels, warmth is inviting.
Orange – For vibrancy, orange is the color; depending on the shade from deep coral, burnt oranges, or pale hues, the room can be a rustic, yet modernly projection of romance.
Red – Red often represents passion; and people either love it or hate it when it comes to the interior design. Red is over the top bold if that is your inclination and is perfect for a dramatic statement.
Yellow – Yellow paint colors are a perfect pick for when you want a light, friendly feel.

Popular Neutral Paint Colors

Neutrals are a safe choice; easily incorporated with any color, their cool and warm undertones can enhance any color.
Gray – Grays are a popular trend that has taken over in the last decade and it is safe to say it is here to stay. Cool grays suggest a sleek, contemporary space, while warm grays, complement any trendy modern look without the intensity of the dark gray.
Tan – A classic tan is another color that can never be wrong. Cooler taupe or warm beiges; tans are timeless color that coordinates seamlessly with most stained and painted woodwork.
White – White is the embodiment of a clean look and fresh coat of a crisp white paint does the job.

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