Modern Landscaping Design Ideas for Your Front & Backyard in Los Angeles, CA; Low Maintenance Landscape, Blended Gardens, Hardscapes, Outdoor Kitchens & More

The spring weather is the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors. When you are ready to upgrade your outdoor landscape it is essential to have an overall design idea planned out. The landscaping is an extremely important part of your homes look and curb appeal. It can set you apart from your neighbors and increase the value of your home as well. When you are deciding on landscape design you may not realize it but there are trends that come and go. The trends are also different in particular areas of the country.

Future Vision Remodeling Outlines Some California Design Trend Options For Your Lawn & Garden

Low Maintenance Landscaping: One of the biggest trends for landscape is to have your design encompass low maintenance landscape. The reason is that most people don’t have a lot of time to focus on their lawn care. These types of shrubs and plants don’t need to have a lot of work or maintenance because they don’t grown quickly or need a lot of pruning. Drought tolerant plants and less turf-grass also contribute to low maintenance.
Incorporate a Blended Garden into Your Landscape Design: More and more Californians are interested in improving their overall health. People are more concerned about what they are eating and that means they are looking for organic foods. What is more organic and fresh then to pull some food from your own backyard? The tradition of beautiful foliage and flowers is still in full effect but add to that a garden as well. More and more homeowners are choosing to have a garden that can grow vegetables, fruits and herbs as another alternative to turf-grass. Now your landscape design is not only a beautiful oasis to look at but is useful and functional as well. And gardens aren’t limited to garden beds. Trellises with green gourd fruit vines look great too.
Realistic Artificial Grass: If you love the look of a green lawn, know that the look of grass is not off the table. While a large real grass lawn isn’t really sustainable in California due to the drought we are so often dealing with, there are realistic artificial grass alternatives too. Artificial grass aids in water conservation which is something all homeowners should take seriously. When an artificial turf is installed correctly, it can look even better than your neighbor who is struggling to keep their real grass green with limited water!
Hardscape Design: Of course a great way to add flare and functionality to your house is to add hardscape. Hardscapes can extend your living space outdoors, especially with the hot trend of “Frameless” sliding doors that offer panoramic views and achieve seamless integration of interior and exterior living spaces. Curved and patterned paves, stone and rock with low voltage lighting not only allow inviting walkways and interest but they can evolve into patio areas for outdoor entertaining and relaxing. And thanks to new outdoor acrylic fabrics that are fade-resistant and waterproof, homeowners can create permanent living spaces outdoors with comfortable furniture and outdoor rug options.
Outdoor Kitchens, BBQ’s & Bars: Taking the idea of extending living space even further is having full amenities for cooking and entertaining outdoors. Your backyard can be resort like and feature a full kitchen and bar, dining and living space with typically “indoor” amenities including vaulted ceilings, fireplaces, ceiling fans and even large screen televisions.
Swimming Poolside & Hot Tubs: Infinity pools create the tantalizing effect of water disappearing into an edge giving the appearance of a never-ending horizon and providing a fantastic view of California. Salt water in-ground swimming pools are also increasing in popularity. Installing a fountain for the water to flowgives a more natural feel. Many people love the softer feel of salt water as well as the more natural cleansing effect that requires less use of chlorine chemicals. And don’t forget those elegant sunken hot tubs! Or that it can all be heated with environmentally friendly solar power!

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