Bathroom Shower & Bathtub Remodeling Design Ideas in Calabasas, CA; Walk in Shower Stalls, Frameless Doors, Shower Head Attachements, Steam Units, Tile & More

Few homeowners can claim they are 100% satisfied with their home as is. There is always room for improvement, whether they are big or small. Remodeling often becomes an option when the home needs attention due to deterioration, where others simply need a change in the everyday or tastes evolve. No matter the reasons, selecting the project design and layout often includes budget, time, and other such factors. With that in mind, we at Future Vision Remodeling would like to expound on remodeling the shower and/or bathtub.

Bathroom Shower Upgrades

Nothing feels better than when hot water runs over your body when it is achy or stressed, except maybe when it happens in a luxury shower. Upgrading your shower’s surface with natural stone tiles, the ultimate shower head fixture, steam enhanced showers, and even frameless doors can turn your boring basic shower into your dream oasis. With the many options your shower has, that alone will transfix the bathroom into something glorious.

Shower Head Attachments & Systems

The primary element to any shower, most will argue, is the shower head. Multiple shower heads in the shower can be even better, allowing for 2 or even up to 10 shower heads and/or jet sprays with adequate pressure and optimal settings can give a massage and increased moisture and health benefits. A growing trend with the rain-like dispersal of water, is installing rain shower heads. No matter the options you are more attracted to, be sure you find out how much water is being pumped per minute. Replacing shower heads isn’t a challenge, but adding additional shower heads and jets can be a challenging and major remodel; requiring plumbing pipe installation under the walls. Since the shower head upgrades are such a major event, this is an optimal time to replace the tile, since you will have to tear it down in a few sections anyway.

Frameless Glass Pivot, Sliding & Tub Shower Door Options

Frameless doors have been associated with spas and luxury bathrooms for decades, and no matter the other upgrades that you select, frameless doors will never not be a commodity. The shower featuring a frameless door amplifies the sleek modern style. Not only are they an aesthetically pleasing upgrade, but frameless doors can easily blend in with any bathroom’s overall design.

Home Steam Unit Installation to Shower

Transforming your mundane into an extraordinary experience can be done by adding a steam unit to your shower. If you are trying to capture the essence of a luxury spa, steam units can contribute to your goal as most spas equip their showers with steam units. At a push of a button your shower is enveloped by a shroud of steam; these showers are completely sealed from sealing to floor to contain the blast of steam that helps the body relax. To relieve the soreness of achy muscles, one of the best remedies is hot steam combined with comfort of hot water all while you shower.

Freestanding, Alcove & Other Bathtub Designs

Whether your shower is a shower/tub combo or the tub is separate and you want it to coincide with the shower remodel, the old one will need to be torn out, again requiring tile removal, giving you the perfect opportunity to upgrade the tiles. With so many options for your tub, you can have an equally pampering tub with jet streams and other such features.

Shower & Bathtub Bathroom Remodeling in Tarzana, Calabasas & Greater Los Angeles, California

Don’t attempt the shower remodel on your own. With the complex nature of plumbing and investing in high-end upgrades, trust in Future Vision Remodeling to get your bathroom or whole home remodeled with efficiency and quality craftsmanship.

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