How to Make a Bathroom Look Expensive Like a Luxurious Spa in Pacific Palisades, CA

When you are looking to upgrade your old and boring bathroom you need to look at what you want it to look like. The look and flow of your bathroom can add value to your home and become a real selling point if you place the home on the market. The bathroom is an area that people go to get ready for the day as well as take a break and relax. The space should be set up to be useful and make you feel calm and relaxed. There are some great tips you can follow when you start your bathroom remodel to make it more high end.

Future Vision Remodeling Offers Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look & Feel More Luxurious

Bathroom Sitting & Seating Area: When you walk in the standard bathroom there is a sink, cabinet, toilet and shower stall. This is functional and will get you through your morning but it is just standard. When you walk in or look at a bathroom that is high end, one thing that is common in all of them is some extra seating. You can have a chair, stool or an ottoman that is set in the space so that you can sit down prior to your shower or to use when you are waiting for your curlers to heat up. Some people will even use the chair or seating area when they are putting on their makeup or when they are painting their nails.
Bathroom Vanity Storage & Organizers: When you are looking to set up the bathroom to look high end you can’t have a mess on the counters. All the stuff that you are going to use needs to have a place to be and not just sitting on the counter. Purchase a soap dish that matches the décor, place your toothbrush in a holder and use a box or container that houses your other essentials. This will add to the décor of the room and leave the space looking cleaner, even when you are using your essentials.
Update & Makeover Shower: The set up of your shower is a huge draw for people. If you are ready to tear out your old shower box and update it with something better you should invest in a more modern looking shower. This means tile or stone from floor to ceiling and perhaps a frameless shower door. You want to talk to the home remodeling company about the shower fixtures that are available such as a rain shower head and other accessories for your new shower. You can even have a bench added to make shaving easier. The enclosure can be left open if you have enough space or you can use a clean and clear glass wall.
Out With The Bath Mats & Rugs: One thing that most high end bathrooms wont have are those standard bath mats. The ones that fit in front on your counter and around the toilet are out. You want to invest in a better rug that will fit in the room. You can add some great décor with the shape and style of the rug or rugs that you choose.

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