Sustainable, Green, Eco Friendly Ideas & Ways to Remodel a Kitchen in La Canada Flintridge, CA

Being friendly to the environment is a good thing. Why not make your kitchen more functional and more environmentally friendly? Your kitchen uses energy and produces waste and when careful attention isn’t paid in a remodel, your kitchen can turn into one of the most damaging rooms in your house. Remodeling a kitchen can be fun and you can make it green too!

Sustainable & Eco Friendly Kitchen Remodel Ideas

1. Reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets – When the demand for new cabinets rises so does the demand for wood. This causes deforestation and global warming. If you want to help save the planet, then consider using antique cabinets or salvaged, reclaimed wood cabinets. These can make your kitchen one of a kind and will be using recycled materials.
2. Install energy efficient lighting systems – The older your kitchen is the less efficient the lighting will be. There are more energy efficient options you can use to light your kitchen. You’ll get the same light and it won’t have a negative effect on the environment.
3. Install energy star efficient appliances – When it comes to water and energy use, your kitchen appliances are the worst offenders in energy use. Older appliances are not as efficient as the new ones and they not only save the environment, but they will also save you money. When you purchase new appliances make sure they have the energy star rating for possible rebates.
4. Build composter over a garbage disposal – You can have a compact composter installed that will fit right under you sink. This will eliminate your food waste from going down the drain.
5. Use green home renovation materials – There are environmentally friendly products you can use in your kitchen remodel. One example is using Corian for countertops. These countertops use 6-20% pre-consumer recycled materials and are very durable, which means they won’t need to be replaced and lead to more waste.
6. Build a grey water system – Grey water is any wastewater in the home other than the toilet. When a grey water system is used it can dramatically decrease the need for the fresh water that is needed outside the home. This also decreases the amount of wastewater being sent to municipal treatment plants.

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Going green with a kitchen remodel means you’re making choices based on your lifestyle and your budget. Decisions can be hard as some green products may outlast and use less energy but will cost more than a similar product that can function just as well. The good news is that the growing marketplace for green products is helping lower the costs. This means you can have a green kitchen that you’ll love! If you’re looking for more ways to remodel your kitchen the green way then contact Future Vision Remodeling for knowledgeable experts that are available to answer any questions you have. Give us a call today.

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