Kitchen Remodels & Other Home Improvements to Add the Most Value in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

When owning your home, it is nothing sort of an investment. Whether you plan on selling your home in the near future, know you are going to sell it later or simply want to have the home’s value at its full potential for additional options, there are a few top suggestions. Besides staying on top of maintenance and keeping the structure, appliances, and utilities in peak condition, we at Future Vision Remodeling would like to suggest the projects you should consider to increase the value of your house.

Home Improvements that Increase Value

1) Fresh Paint: Keeping fresh coats of interior paint and exterior paint goes a long way. Be sure when it comes time to refresh the paint, you opt for high-quality paint. The presentation is crisp, well covered, and neatly finished. If you are closer to selling, opt to use neutral colors. Be sure the paint project is done efficiently as a sloppy job will decrease the value. Professional services are the best bet as experts deliver straight edges, perfect coverage, and smooth lines. Keeping the colors neutral will broaden the appeal of potential buyers.
2) Remodel the Kitchen: Sagging cabinets, cracked tile, stained floors, destroyed countertops, and outdated appliances will turn off most buyers and will not increase the value of your home. Having your kitchen remodeled in quality materials and everything in optimal condition will improve the value of your home and will be worth the investment to enjoy finer resources and upgrades if you are not selling right away. If budget is an issue, concentrate on the aspects of the kitchen that look worn and dated.
3) Update the Bathroom: Bathrooms experience a lot of wear, much like kitchens. Not only will the value decrease, but not many buyers will find warped cabinets, moldy grout, cracked tiles, and crusty old fixtures appealing. Replacing the flooring, cabinets, shower and bath etc can make all the difference. If the bathroom is still in prime condition, consider storage additions, which many buyers are impressed with. Complete the look with newly polished fixtures and towel racks to create a lasting impression. In some cases, completely gutting the bathroom and remodeling it into a luxury bathroom can significantly increase the resale value.
4) Floor Upgrades: If you do not want to completely re-tile and grout or relay wooden floors, get a professional’s opinion. In many instances, simply sanding down the wood floors or replacing some planks and applying an updated finish or grouting the tile is more than enough to bring back the sparkle, shine, and charm. Any carpet that looks old and dingy or other floor surfaces should be reconsidered replacing. Don’t cut corners and do your research. The idea is to increase the value of your home and attract the majority of current buyers.
5) Deck/Patio/Sunroom Addition: Extend the living space to an outdoor gathering area. Exceptional for any home, a deck, patio or sunroom, is a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors while providing a comfortable area for family and guests. Consider the style of your home when adding this new space to your residence and make sure it is a nice blend. Invest in quality materials and plan your budget ahead of time to ensure the quality. If the add-ons looks like an afterthought; it will not increase the value of the home. Finally consider the weather for your outdoor space. The sunroom, for example, is ideal to enjoy the outdoors during all four seasons in California.

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When you have finally made the decision on what is to be remodeled, renovated, and any add-ons, contact the professionals of Future Vision Remodeling and let our specialists get started increasing the value of your home.

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