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When you move into the house of your dreams there are always things that are great but with some remodeling could be much better. People tend to focus on the bathroom, kitchen and room additions but one area that can make a huge impact on the look of your home is the stairs. They are not just a way to get from one level of your home to another but a statement piece in your home. If you don’t want to have those standard shifting staircase that are often hidden behind a stucco wall, remodeling them is a great way to enjoy an impressive new look. There are several options you can choose from when remodeling your staircase but you need to talk to a professional to ensure what you choose will fit and work within yours homes layout. Whether you want a staircase that makes a statement or an elegant addition to your home, the options are amazing.

Future Vision Remodeling Lists Staircase Options You Should Consider When Remodeling Your Stairs

Double Helix Circular Stairs: If you want to have a staircase in an area that has little space to use, a circular spiral is the way to go. They only use a small portion of the floor space as the stair spirals go in a circular motion. The great thing is that the way it is designed can include different mediums. It can have a beautiful thin wooden spindle with a great metal step. You can see through the spindles that give you access to the open steps and that is a great way to show off the helix of the stairs.
Twin Curved Staircase: If you want to have the epitome of a luxurious staircase in your home the twin curved option is for you. This is a great way to show off a beautiful and spacious entry way. It is also a good option if your entry way leads to further parts of the house. It gives the house some depth. The stairs start at the ground level and curve up the top of the staircase. They can come together at the top or stay separated. The design of the stairs can be carpet, tile or wood to name a few. This kind of stair is great with an iron railing and banister. If you choose this option you need to have plenty of room to make it work.
Open Circular Stairway: If you want an elegant stairway but stay with something that is still a bit more traditional then the open circular is your best bet. They are built up the side of the wall and rotate on a curve. The great thing is that the lower portion of the stair underneath the steps is open. This gives more space to the home and gives it a very interesting look. This is another style that does the best with an open banister either wood or metal.

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