2017 Remodeling Trends in Los Angeles, CA; Cabinets & Dream Kitchen Must Haves

With each passing year there seems to be a new trend for remodeling and home designs. As we have passed through half of 2017 we have noted some of the top trends for kitchen remodeling. For those who are considering remodeling their kitchen, Future Vision Remodeling will share some of these top trends for kitchens this year.

Kitchen Cabinets Color & Style

Gray and white cabinets are still the leading choice for color during kitchen remodeling. Both colors are neutral and allow for other elements and colors to be part of their kitchen’s new design. Often with white cabinets, come high contrast colors such as black stone countertops and hardware. However, a two toned cabinet color is also a top trending item, for example upper cabinets are light with darker lower cabinets.

Dream Kitchen Functional Must Haves

Another major trend is functionality. More and more people are redesigning their kitchen to have better functionality. Some examples are open dishes shelving making it easier to grab a bowl or dish with a fairly organized system. This has become more popular. Another fine example of a functional kitchen is better storage systems. Drawers, cabinets and cookware are designed to provide space for each major item in the kitchen so everything has a place, and everything is in its place. This makes for a cleaner and more organized kitchen, which means it has better functionality.

Kitchen Appliances Packages

Stainless steel or black appliances are dominating kitchen remodels. Most will retire their older appliances for new, matching appliances that are more efficient. However, it seems it is not brands but color that is winning the new appliance choices. Some other additional hot picks for kitchen remodeling is better technology. For example, touch free faucets, touch or swipe stove and oven controls, and Bluetooth controlled or sync appliances.

Kitchen Countertop Options

This year it has become a more popular trend for countertop remodeling to use natural stone. Where granite countertop was the top choice for natural stone, as of this year we have seen more quartz based countertops. For remodeling more people are choosing the manmade stone of quartz for a few reasons. One, there is more color and design options. They are more scratch resistant, as well as nonporous, which helps reduce bacterial growth and need less maintenance.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

It seems every remodeled kitchen is adding backsplashes to help keep walls cleaner and add more personality to the kitchen. Material does seem to vary due to the kitchen design and color or theme. Where backsplashes weren’t a common remodeling choice in the past, this year it is now a major consideration in most kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen, Home Remodeling & More in Tarzana, Calabasas & Greater Los Angeles, California

When it comes to ideas for a major kitchen remodel, it will come down to the homeowner’s personality and taste. However there are certain elements you may not want to be without, such as proper color and contrast, functional and organizational options along with modern appliances. There are so many options. When you’re ready for a kitchen remodel, all you have to do is contact Future Vision Remodeling. We can help you design, and change your kitchen to fit your own needs and maybe begin your own trends for the upcoming year. Contact Future Vision Remodeling to help with your next remodeling project.

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