How to Add Natural Light to a Room During a Home Remodeling Project in Calabasas, CA

One of the common complaints about what a home is missing is the amount in natural light. With the summer days coming in full force the time is now to enjoy the weather and the sunshine. Natural light has several benefits when used to brighten up a home. One is that the light that comes from the sun is free! You don’t have to pay a dime and you are not using energy and increasing your electric bill. Natural light has been linked to better attitude and more motivation as well as being easier on your eyes. It does not strain the eye like other home lighting does. Adding natural light to your home also reduces the growth of mold and mildew as well. The problem comes when your home just does not have enough natural light and you are sent into a remodeling project. Adding natural light can be done when you do a home renovation!

Future Vision Remodeling Lists Renovation Projects to Increase the Amount of Natural Light in Your Home

Install More Windows: The most common area to allow for natural light to come through is with windows. If you don’t have an adequate amount of windows in your home you can also have more installed. You don’t want to go and start adding windows anywhere in your home. Understanding the location of your home and where the sun rises and sets a plan can be made. The plan should include the help of a home remodeling company that has the ability to draw out the plans and do the installation. The south side of your home is the best place to have more windows installed if you are concerned about too much direct light. The direct light can also bring in too much heat that may cause you to overuse your AC unit. The remodeling company will also take into consideration what is in the outside of the home so that you have a good view. You may also need to do some outdoor renovations as well such as removing trees, shrubs and other greenery.
Have Skylights or Solar Tube Lights Installed: When you want to add some natural light to your home and there isn’t space for other windows you can use a tube light or skylight. A tube light and a skylight can be installed in the ceiling of your home. The tube light is a system that uses the light from the outdoors through a tunnel and a cover on the inside of the home. The skylight is just like a window that is installed in the ceiling that is open to the outdoors. Depending on the amount of light you are wanting will help to determine what style of ceiling light is best for you.
Installing New Exterior Doors: The doors that are on your home that lead to the outdoors are often times a solid door that allows no light. You can have new doors installed on your home that have glass even if it is frosted or colored. This will allow light to come through these areas and give you a boost of natural light.

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