Tub to Shower Conversion in Beverly Hills, CA; Removing a Bathtub & Installing a New Enclosure

It has become a popular trend to convert bathrooms featuring bathtubs into showers, especially among homeowners that do not have younger children present. With many homes having two or more bathrooms, it is recommended that you keep at least one bathtub in the home if you intend to ever sell the house in order to make it more appealing to potential buyers. But when you decide on converting the bathtub into a shower for more convenience and luxury, there are a few things you should know and we at Future Vision Remodeling, Inc would like to discuss them.

Location of New Shower

As long as there is a traditional alcove bathtub already installed, relocating the shower is not required or recommended. In this instance, the space is of adequate size and the drain and water lines should be exactly where they need to be for the conversion. For bathrooms equipped with freestanding tubs can present a challenge as you will need to avoid placing the shower in front of a window or too far from existing water lines.

Measurements for Turning a Bathtub to Shower

Having the pertinent measurements is an essential factor too. You will want to know the below listed measurements before getting started.
– From the shower’s finished ceiling height, a minimum of 80 inches is needed.
– A minimum of 15 inches is needed, but 18 inches is recommended for comfort, from the center of the side of the toilet to the shower wall.
– It is required a minimum of 21 inches from the front of the toilet to the wall is expected, but 30 inches is recommended to make things more comfortable.
– If you want showers with swing open doors, keep in mind that in order to efficiently swing open they need adequate space. Consider either a sliding door or keep it open by using a shower curtain if the space does not permit a swing open door.
– In accordance with the coding, the shower floor measurements are required to be a minimum of 30 inches by 30 inches.

Hire a Professional Contractor to Remove a Bathtub & Install a Shower

Without any know how, bathtubs can be a challenge to remove effectively. When it comes time to remove the old tub, hire an experienced professional to ensure no damage is done to the rest of the bathroom and it is efficiently removed. The water lines and drain pipes should all be inspected for any signs of decay as well as mold and/or mildew. If there are any issues, it is in your best interest to make the necessary arrangements and replace any poorly installed or deteriorated piping or drain lines as well as address any mold or mildew issues.

Bathroom Remodeling & More in Tarzana, Calabasas & Greater Los Angeles, California

Converting the bathtub into a shower can be beneficial in a number of ways, especially as having multiple bathtubs in your home isn’t necessary. When you are ready to take the plunge and convert the bathtub into a shower, contact Future Vision Remodeling, Inc and let our skilled experts handle the work to ensure safety and efficiency.

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