When a Room Addition Home Improvement Construction Project to Gain More Space & Add Property Value Becomes a Whole Home Remodel in Los Angeles, CA!

Changing the floorplan of your home doesn’t just increase your available living space; it may even help reconfigure your existing space to work better for you. Ask yourself a couple of questions? Have you outgrown your existing home? Or is your home lacking in important areas such as a master bathroom or spacious open kitchen? One option is to sell your home and upgrade to something bigger, but selling isn’t always the most ideal solution; especially if you love the neighborhood you currently live in. Instead think about improving your space with a series of upgrades to turn your existing home into your dream home. According to the knowledgeable experts at Future Vision Remodeling, careful planning is the key to success along with the design team, project manager, craftsmen and builders who work hard to ensure that your upgrades are exactly what you want them to be. If you are interested in adding space to your existing home by building a room addition, you may want to change your perception by rethinking your addition into a whole home renovation instead. Expanding your kitchen into an open floor plan for example means removing your old kitchen and replacing it with a new one as well as removing walls and combining other rooms into your newly enlarged space.

When a Room Addition Home Improvement Becomes a Whole Home Remodel

If you need more space carefully consider all of your options before committing. Don’t immediately assume that adding space to your home means adding an addition; instead think of adding space as remodeling what you already have. According to the knowledgeable experts at Future Vision Remodeling, there is a subtle difference between room additions and remodeling. Adding to your existing space should be a seamless transition where it is next to impossible to recognize the new construction from the original structure of your home. Changing your mindset to reconfiguring instead of adding may actually end up saving you money. Working with your Future Vision Remodeling designer to upgrade your floor plan and reworking your existing space may even eliminate the need to add an addition but still give you the space that you have always dreamed.

Adding On to a House or Remodeling Existing Structure?

Consider your budget. In many instances remodeling costs between 25 to 50 percent less than building an addition which can mean huge savings not just in the cost of materials but also in property taxes and energy usage. Not only do you save money you also get the job done faster, which can also save your valuable time. Think of your home renovation project as making changes from the inside out. When you add an addition you are adding on a single room, but when you remodel you get the best of both worlds by creating the space you need by reworking your existing square footage and upgrading the areas you need the most.

Home Room Additions, Whole House Remodeling & More in Tarzana, Calabasas & Greater Los Angeles, California

Whether you decide to add an addition or remodel your existing Greater Los Angeles, California home, contact the knowledgeable experts at Future Vision Remodeling today to discuss your upgrades and schedule your design consultation.

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