Removing an Interior Wall Between Kitchen & Dining or Other Room in San Marino, CA

When you buy a new home and you know right off the bat that you want to make some changes you are already looking at what you want to do. Some homes were built to utilize the spaces each as an individual space. The living space is walled off, the kitchen is walled and all other rooms. Although this was much more popular with older homes the trend that has spread out is openness. The more open the layout the better the chances are that a buyer will show interest. There are some buyers that can see potential by doing some renovations. If you have bought a house or live in a house that is broken up and you want an open concept you will need to do some renovating. The renovation is needed to open the space which also includes knowing what can be done and what can’t. Removing a wall in a home is a big deal and a lot goes into making the decision to do the removal.

Future Vision Remodeling Explains What You Need to Know When Choosing to Open a Room in Your Home

Can You Take Down a Load or Non Load Bearing Wall?: It may come as a shock that there are some walls in your home that are called load bearing. They are a pivotal point in the structure of the home and removing it out right could result in major structural damage. If you walked through your home there is no outward appearance that tells you that a wall is or is not load bearing. You actually need to have access to the joists and the walls that you are considering. The walls that are load bearing can be removed but there is a lot more that goes into the removal to ensure that the structure remains safe. If you take out a load bearing wall without the extra work it can result in the roof sagging and potentially falling. You never want to try your luck with guessing about a particular wall so be sure that you hire a professional contractor that has expertise in renovations.
Repairing Floor After Wall Removal: When you are ready to take out a wall and you have checked if it is load bearing you need to still consider other areas. The wall is really only one part of the work but the floor and the ceiling will also be affected. If you were not planning on replacing the flooring after the wall has been removed you will have to live with some patching. Patching hardwood and even carpet can be difficult and not look as seamless as you want. You might need to consider replacing and upgrading the flooring all together when you have a wall removed.
What is in the Wall You Are Knocking Down?: When a wall is being removed there are often times electrical outlets and other lines that are running through the walls. These all need to be capped off and re-routed to other areas safely. That is why using a contractor to do the work is the best bet.

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