Remodeling After Your House in Tarzana, CA Flooded & Caused Major Water Damage

When a major flood within a home occurs, either due to a broken water line or even a severe storm, most don’t know what to do or if anything should be done if water damage is present. Water damage can lead to some serious consequences. One worst case scenario is when mold spores infect too much of a home and it is condemned by a Governmental Protection Agency. When a flood and storm causes major water damage, you will want to repair what you can and remove the rest. Future Vision Remodeling will share what should be done if major water damage has occurred inside your home.

how to Prevent Mold After Water Damage

One of the leading contributors as to why homes are threatened by water damage is how quickly microbial bacteria can occur. Whether water was exposed to carpet, rugs, drywall, the porous items within the home traps and holds moisture. In turn, and with the right conditions, fungus, molds and mildew will begin to develop. All of these microbes can cause major health concerns. It’s important to act quickly to prevent mold! Starting with water extraction and structural drying to help identify what materials need to be replaced.

Water Damage Assessment & Inspection

Once a home has been infected with major water damage, you or a professional water damage restoration company needs to come and remove the severely water damaged areas or repair them if it is an option. When working to restore a home after major water damage has occurred, the first thing you will want to do is to turn off the power to make sure water hasn’t made contact with any electrical wiring. Next is to clean up and remove all of the furniture and get them out of the water damaged areas. Once everything is cleared out, you can start to assess the damage. Anyone who will be doing this should wear protective clothing and gear.

Replacing Water Damaged Materials

After a major flood or other water damage, there are many areas that will have been damaged beyond repair. A contractor such as Future Vision Remodeling will begin removing walls, drywall, flooring and other materials that can’t be saved. Afterwards disinfecting and reconstruction will proceed. Some damages will probably take a professional contractor to handle removal and replacement of water damaged homes. We not only have all the tools and skills for the job, but we also have training on safely working in a hazardous environment. They can also properly determine what is beyond saving. And don’t think your only option is to rebuild your water damaged room(s) to how they looked before. After a disaster like this is a great time to improve your living space. You can literally gut the space and design a new layout from scratch!

Remodeling After Flooding, Water Damage & More in Tarzana, Calabasas & Greater Los Angeles, California

Safety and the well being of the household members becomes a priority when a home has been damaged by water. Future Vision Remodeling provides water damage restoration services. We can restore your home after a flood or severe storm. If you need help in restoring or better yet remodeling your home into the living space you have always wanted, contact Future Vision Remodeling.

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