How to Plan a Master Bedroom, Family Room or Other House Addition in Calabasas, CA

Designing and building a home addition is an exciting process. It can add square footage and increase the value of your home if it is done properly. In order for your home addition to flow with the rest of your home, you need to do research, extensive planning and a good dose of preparation in order to successfully add on to your home. Future Vision Remodeling is here to talk about how to plan a home addition and have it flow with the rest of your home.

Decide on the Direction You are Going to Build to Add on to Your Home

In the very first phases of planning your home addition, you need to decide on the direction you are going to build. You can build up or sideways. When you build sideways, you will need to consider the expense of building a concrete foundation to support it. If you have any room in your attic to build upwards, that may be more cost efficient.

Home Addition Cost Calculator

A home addition can be costly. Before you start making plans, come up with your budget. You will need to have room in your budget for surprises that may come up in the construction process. You may be using the equity in your home, investments, or even your savings account to fund this addition.

Research Steps to Building a House Addition

When planning your home addition, you need to do extensive research before you start anything. You should be studying multiple house plans and ideas that can be found all over the web. Think about lighting, traffic flow, and the size of the addition you are considering. You need to consider the reasons you are wanting to add on to your existing home. You may be looking for a way to create better traffic flow, more storage and/or more square footage that can be used for entertaining. When you are coming up with a plan and researching different designs have these goals in mind.

Professional Home Remodelers Can Help!

Adding on to your home is a big project. There may be areas that you feel comfortable, but there will most definitely be areas that you don’t know what you are doing. When this happens, you will be far better off finding the right professionals to help you with your home addition. There are several ways that a professional can help.
• Help you draft plans and sketches
• Work out the kinks in your design plans.
• Make you aware of any load bearing walls and other structural elements you need to be aware of.
• Inform you of all the permits and approvals that are needed for your home addition.

Room & Home Additions & More in Tarzana, Calabasas & Greater Los Angeles, California

Many homeowners often feel like they have gotten in over their heads when they start the process of planning their home addition. The professionals at Future Vision Remodeling have the experience and training needed to ensure your home addition fits within your budget and adds beauty and space to your existing home. Call us today!

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