Luxury High End Walk In Closet Designs & Wardrobe Essentials in La Canada Flintridge, CA

The perfect walk-in closet isn’t always on everyone’s remodeling checklist. However, for those who yearn for a luxury custom closet, but are not sure what features you want to include, Future Vision Remodeling wants to share different elements that help bring your dream of the perfect walk-in closet a reality. While you envision the look of your walk-in closet, here are some key features or element you may want to include before your make your final choices and hire your remodeling contractor.

Luxury Custom Walk In Closet Design Ideas

1. One feature for any closet to have is space long enough rods to hold your clothing. So many luxurious closet pictures have these tiny rods in which to hang up your clothing. Okay, this may work for the minimalist, but for those ladies and gentleman with an outfit for every occasion, you need more than two feet of rod space. The best length to conserve space but yet give plenty of hanging room is 48 inches.
2. Especially for the ladies, make room to fit a vanity minor with a platform. You, of course will want some drawers to house jewelry and perfume. You may even want a mini built in safe to help protect valuable jewelry from theft.
3. The biggest problem with most walk-in closets is poor lighting. Sometimes it is hard to make out the color of clothing and shoes inside your closet and you choose the wrong item due to poor lighting. For those who also have a dressing mirror in their closet, you might want to see what you look like before you leave.
4. Another feature or consideration most of us don’t think about is proper height placement or hanger rods. Dresses, suits, shirts and pants have a certain length. You will want to make sure your clothing isn’t too high to reach, but at the same time, doesn’t touch or is too close to the ground where your clothing can get dirty. For dresses, rods should be hung at 63 inches, pants at 48 inches and shirts at 45 inches from off the ground.
5. Don’t forget shoe racks to house all your shoes. For couples that share a walk-in closet you will especially want to make sure you have enough space for his and her shoes. Some couples will select one side of the closet and customize their closet space to fit their needs.
6. Depending on the size of your walk in closet, or if you’re remodeling your closet to be bigger, make sure you include seating. It is nice to have seating to put on shoes, or give you an area to place the items of clothing down on as you decide what you plan to wear for the day or special occasions.
7. Let’s not forget about storage. Many will store items inside their closets. However, this doesn’t mean you have to have open boring shelf space with stacks of boxes on top. You can create tasteful cabinets or drawers to house your storage items without creating a major eye sore.

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These are some of the top elements of a perfect walk in closet. If you need help renovating or creating your master bedroom closet, or need any other custom home building or remodeling services, contact Future Vision Remodeling today.

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