Ceiling Designs & Other Fancy Living Rooms Ideas in La Canada Flintridge, CA for Luxury Living

Depending on the homeowner and their budget, some will do full house remodeling where every room in the home goes through extended changes. There are also those homeowners that only remodel one room at a time. Regardless, the end goal is to fully remodel the home to fit their lifestyle and improve the away they live. Today Future Vision Remodeling wants to place the focus on the living room and how you can transform it into a luxury living space whether remodeling your entire home or one room at a time. Future Vision Remodeling will share some excellent features you may want to add during your living room remodeling project.

Living Room Home Automation Window & Lighting Control

The living room is a space where families gather for movie night and to spend more time together. Living rooms are the center of most social gatherings which is why you will want to put in light control. Most will first think of a dimmer light switch and fans with remote control settings. Yes, this is a great feature you will want to have and with modern technology, it is an affordable feature. Here is another consideration though: window control. There are windows with blind or shutter control options such as manual and even electric. Manuals come in many different forms such as chains, rollers, and hands on electrical devices. Both use remotes and touch pads that electronically open blinds, shutters, and even curtains with a touch of a button. When remodeling your living room, consider adding more convenient light and window controls to help set of the atmosphere of your living room.

Luxury Living Room Flooring Trends

Living rooms are a high traffic area that require regular cleaning and maintenance. When remodeling a living room and you want to add in luxury flooring, you will want to consider all the elements your floor will be exposed to. Most luxury living rooms use high-end wood or natural stone tiles. As these floors look amazing. However, consider the care that will accompany the types of material used. Carpets are still a great material for living room flooring. Nonetheless, natural stone and wood is becoming more popular. When choosing your flooring consider the maintenance that is involved. All are great materials and depending on your taste in interior design, your choice dictates the types of materials you use. For those who like tile or wood flooring, consider laying a pattern or design to help give your living more diversity.

Beautiful Living Room Ceiling Designs

Don’t forget about your ceilings during a remodeling. During a living room remodel consider adding in faux wood beams to give the ceiling more character. Keep in mind wooden beams look best in rustic themed rooms with high ceilings. However, there are other ways to dress up your living room ceilings. Another consideration you can add is ceiling medallions. Ceiling medallions are a decorative feature that surround light fixtures. One other idea to really bring out your ceilings is ceiling tiles. Most will automatically imagine warehouse or industrial foam tiles. However there are plastic or foam molded ceiling tiles which come in many different design and colors. They look great and are easily installed and maintained. Additionally, for those who live in multi-storied homes, using ceiling tile is a great way to gain access to plumbing and electrical systems in the sub flooring without the need to cut holes in a traditional ceiling.

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