2017 Outdoor Living Design Trends in Calabasas, CA; Outdoor Bars, Pizza Ovens & More

Hosting gatherings outside is becoming more and more popular among homeowners. Investing in outdoor living space to gather immediate family in close intimate settings or gather in everyone you know for grand party. Whether you are looking to upgrade or renovate your current outdoor living space or want to add on a custom one, we at Future Vision Remodeling, Inc would like to offer some the current trends to ensure your event is a success.

Outdoor Living Patio & Design Trends

Custom Fire Pits: The outdoor fire pit is a very popular trend for outdoor living enthusiasts. Bringing a little camping element to the modern convenience is a perfect way to bring a welcoming and casual setting that still gives you plenty of space in the backyard for children’s activities or a little garden. Keeping the stories and light-hearted conversations going into the later evening hours, the fire pit can be a perfect place to create summer memories. Custom designs can provide excellent accommodations for roasting marshmallows, making s’mores, or cooking hotdogs to add some camp favorite snacks to the mix.
Custom Outdoor Bar: The custom made outdoor bar can be perfect for those who enjoy the convenience of adult beverages while enjoying the fresh air and enjoying the reminiscing of friends and family. Investing in the luxurious high-end outdoor bar is not an aesthetic upgrade but the ambience of a creative custom style bar can add comfort to any backyard. Fully stocked choices of beers, wines, champagnes, and other alcoholic beverages in the outdoor fridge, kegerator, and shelves will keep most guests happy.
Custom Outdoor Kitchen: Outdoor kitchens are doing more than what the grills and BBQ pits can ever do. Appliances such as refrigerators, gas-frills, cutting stations, sinks, and cabinetry are a commodity that many homeowners are indulging in as this growing trend continues to inspire custom designs to still play chef while staying involved in the outdoor festivities. With every detail being worked out, your outdoor custom kitchen can be the perfect outdoor living space you been wanting.
Custom Outdoor Pizza Oven: Pizza is adored by most people. With so many different ways to create a pizza, it works for nearly everyone in one way or another. Having your own outdoor pizza oven can make the weekly pizza night even more amazing with family and friends. From wood-burning ovens to gas burning ovens, baking your own pizza is extraordinarily efficient at cooking up a crowd favorite while enjoying the outside view and mingling with loved ones. From a variety designs created with stonework, your custom built oven can match any exterior home design or blend into a quaint little style of your own creativity.

Designing & Building Outdoor Living Spaces in Tarzana, Calabasas & Greater Los Angeles, California

No matter which of these outdoor living trends appeal to you, or if you have other ideas in mind, the professionals of Future Vision Remodeling can make it happen. Following a detailed consultation to pinpoint the details, our specialists get right to work to begin crafting your vision. With high-end materials, products, and equipment, your outdoor living space will be home’s favorite meeting place. Call Future Vision Remodeling today to get started on your outdoor living space.

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