Garage Remodels, Renovations & Conversions

The knowledgeable professionals at Future Vision Remodeling are the experts when it comes to residential and commercial interior and exterior remodeling and renovation projects in Los Angeles and the surrounding area. We offer a comprehensive range of services including: Full Home Renovation, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Room Additions, Landscape Design, Water & Fire Damage Restoration Services and much more!

Convert Garage into an Apartment or Additional Living Space

Have you ever considered remodeling your garage? Homeowners in Greater Los Angeles and the surrounding areas are utilizing their garage to extend the available living space within their homes. After all, your garage has the potential to be used for much more than just parking and storage space. Our experienced design staff, project managers, master craftsman, and builders are available to assist you with all aspects of your garage remodel including the design and installation of your flooring, windows, doors, insulation, and much more.

Garage Flooring & Design Ideas

The majority of garage flooring in the Los Angeles area is made from concrete. In some cases our expert builders and flooring experts find that the flooring has cracks or other damage. Our experienced and highly skilled flooring experts can professionally repair the damage along with preventing future damage. At Future Vision Remodeling our team of experts can apply an epoxy coating to your existing floor or install carpet specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use. Adding carpet is not only a practical application, it can also add warmth and dimension to an otherwise bland living area.

Insulate Garage Door Walls & Ceiling

You garage is one of the areas in your home that typically isn’t built or designed with enough insulation to protect the interior. Improperly installed or insufficient insulation will result in an increase in your heating and cooling costs along with the potential for damage caused by moisture. At Future Vision Remodeling we have a wide range of insulation options to ensure that the temperature of your garage stays constant all year round.

Garage Window Panel Installation

Adding or upgrading your garage windows can make a tremendous difference to the overall appeal of your space. After all, if you plan on spending time in your garage you are going to want some natural light to open your garage space and bring continuity to the floor plan of your home. If your garage has existing windows, your Future Vision Remodeling experts can suggest energy efficient upgrades to save you money on your utility costs.

Garage Door Replacement

When it comes to the overall design of your garage, you need to consider your exterior as well as the interior of your home. Your Future Vision Remodeling design expert can take into account the architecture of your home before recommending several selections including custom designs in wood, fiberglass, steel, and aluminum.

Garage Remodels, Renovations & Conversions & More in Tarzana, Calabasas & Greater Los Angeles, California

For more information regarding quality interior and exterior remodeling and renovations services including professional garage remodeling services for your Greater Los Angeles home, contact the knowledgeable experts at Future Vision Remodeling today.

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